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Mississippi Blood

Mississippi Blood Working Cover

Hardcover, 281 pages,
20 photos.

In Mississippi Blood, renowned Mississippi author Hewitt Clarke untangles a web of violence and deceit worthy of any big city crime beat -- anywhere.  But that this intrigue unfolds in a sleepy, eastern Mississippi town of fewer than 40,000 souls, makes it even more sensational.

Larry Tiffee, a Meridian, Mississippi real estate developer and country boy from rural Arkansas, is discovered in a pool of his own blood at his posh home overlooking the city early in 1983.  Among his other wounds the Coroner notes what appears to be the signature of a professional hit man, a precisely placed, coup-de-grace to Mr. Tiffee's head.

His estranged wife, Gloria, apparently crushed at the loss of her husband with whom, she maintains, she was about to reconcile is questioned and released.  But as the hapless killers flee, attempting to lay a paper trail of gasoline purchases and credit card receipts designed to lead authorities astray, their plans run afoul of a task force of police officers and investigators across four states.

The seemingly well thought-out scheme begins to crumble amid allegations of money laundering, illicit drug transactions, and corruption.  Next enters the Dixie mafia, an outlaw biker gang called the "Satans" and a 1,000 dollar a day body guard.  So complex are the pieces that the case might not have been solved at all, dismissed as a simple burglary gone bad, except for the efforts of a lone private detective.

Mississippi Blood is a must read.  Order your copy now for the fastest delivery.

If you're interested in reading more about how well Mississippi Blood was received during it's debut in east Mississippi, read about the Book Tour but clicking here The Mississippi Blood Book Tour.

  • Publisher:  Lone Star Press
  • Date Published:  November, 2008.
  • ISBN:  0-9649231-2-3
  • Pages:  281



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