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War Stories from Mississippi

War Stories from Mississippi Cover

Hard Cover, 245 Pages


War Stories from Mississippi takes the reader back through time from Vietnam to the Civil War with graphic descriptions of bloody battles where Mississippians fought and died.

In 1934 a young man named Morris Cohen graduated from Mississippi State College. It was Cohen's destiny to become a major atomic bomb spy for the Soviet Union, and this story takes the reader into the shadow world of Soviet spies and high level treason in the US Government.

The book relives the Bataan Death March and Corregidor and the horrors of Japanese POW camps. It recounts the Frozen Chosin campaign and fighting along the DMZ in Korea, and describes the harrowing experiences of three pilots at the brutal Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam. The story describes the terrors of mustard gas during trench warfare in World War I, and the battles where Lt. T.C. Carter fought in 1918. The author tells about his recent visit to the battlefields of Eastern France and the place where T.C. Carter was killed. Then the incredible story of Lt. Charles Read's Civil War adventures. And along the way are poignant stories about boys and girls growing up in Meridian.

WAR STORIES is dedicated to the war veterans of Mississippi who fought in armed conflicts in the past and to the men and women now fighting with the US Armed Forces in Iraq.

Lt. Robert Wideman, Hanoi Hilton, May 1967: "I heard a blood curdling scream and started thinking about the Count of Monte Cristo who was in a dungeon for thirty years. It was terrifying. But then I thought, but this is 1967, and that kind of stuff doesn't happen anymore."

Cpl. Andy Fenn, 38th Parallel in Korea, Summer 1951: "I heard those mines going off and terrible screaming. I couldn't stand the screams and went out in the minefield to help tote those fellows out on stretchers."

Sgt. Carl Holloway, Corregidor, April 1942: "I'll never forget the Emperor's birthday when the artillery shells started coming in from both sides. The whole island shook. I think it exceeded anything of its kind in the history of the world."

Morris Cohen, Miss State graduate, summer 1939: Semyonev held out a piece of broken comb, then Morris took out a piece of comb he had received at the spy school in Barcelona. The pieces fit together perfectly. It was Morris' first contact with an NKVD espionage agent.

Lt. T.C. Carter, Eastern France, September 1918: "The alarm was sounded by a hundred klaxon horns. Everyone put on their gas masks and soldiers put animal masks on the horses and mules. The mustard gas fairly rained down in the woods around us."

Lt. Charles Read's tombstone at Rose Hill Cemetery, Meridian: "With a crew of 17, he captured 22 Union ships in 21 days and struck terror across the eastern seaboard. The 1863 adventure has been called the most brilliant daredevil naval action of the Civil War."

  • Publisher:  Lone Star Press
  • Date Published:  October 2004
  • ISBN:  0-9649231-4-9
  • Pages:  245


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