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Wild Times

Wild Times Cover

Now Available!
Hardcover, 283 pages,
50 photos.


Wild Times is about the people and events that shaped the history of Meridian and DeKalb.  These are the stories of great accomplishments, heroic solders, colorful street fighters and murder.

 It begins with The Surrender when shock waves hit the people of Mississippi that their county was dead and no longer existed.  But Lt. Col. Charles, who is buried in Meridian, was still fighting the enemy on board CSS Webb.

During Reconstruction the Southern people lost their rights as citizens.  This caused the violent Meridian Riot, and the Massacre at DeKalb.  During those harsh times, economic sanctions were placed on the South that lasted for almost one hundred years.

The Roaring Twenties brought Blind Tiger Whiskey, flappers, and a  different set of morals.  Then came the crash of 1929, and the Threefoot Building, the tallest in the state at the time, went bankrupt.

During the Second Reconstruction of Mississippi, hundreds of Northern civil rights activist invaded Mississippi while their own cities were being destroyed by violent race riots with hundreds killed and millions in property destroyed.

Paul Harvey said that Mississippi is still criticized by the liberal media in Northern cities that have far more problems with racial conflict than Mississippi, but "Mississippi is too nice to fight back.

"So, this writer thinks it's time for Mississippi to take names and kick ass.

  • Publisher:  Lone Star Press
  • Date Published:  November, 2013.
  • ISBN:  978-1-4675-8869-0
  • Pages:  283



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